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Tourist Destinations Found in Grand Turk Island

The Grand Turk Island is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. The history and culture, and the sandy beaches that are surrounded by the waters attract tourist to the island. Traveling to the island has been simplified as there are a number of the cruise line that an individual can use to get to the island. Among the island found in the Turks and Caicos the Grand Turk Island is one of the most populated islands. Salt was being produced in the island in the past, today the evidence of this production is visible in some of the parts such as the Cockburn town.

Some of the tourist attraction points in the Grand Trunk Island is like the Grand Turk lighthouse. As the word sound it is a light tower which was used as a guiding beacon ship. In the mid nineteen century the united states and the British government build the lighthouse which stands at sixty feet tall. Guiding the sailing ships ensures that the ships do not capsize when sailing in the northern end of the island.

Another tourist destination that an individual can visit when on vacation in the Grand Turk island is her majesty’s prison found on the island. The prison carries a lot of the history as it was built in the eighteen century but was shut in nineteen ninety-four. The prison had the capacity of between fifty or sixty prisoners who were caught in the petty crimes during those days. When an individual visits the prison one learns about the prison break attempts and the drug trafficking channels.

One of the most former building in the Grand Turk Island is the Turk and Caicos museum found in the first street of Cockburn town. The molasses contains the history of the island and is located in the Turks and Caicos national museum. The oldest excavated shipwreck on the island is known as the molasses. Apart from the molasses, the Turks and Caicos national museum houses the slavery and Spanish hunting ship. The slave trade activities and diseases wiped the first people who occupied the island but they were the Tainos. A small fee is charged for those who want to tour the museum and get to know the history of the island.

Another thing that attracts people to the Grand Trunk Island the beach and the weather. Summertime comes between May and October on the island, and it is the best time to visit the island.

In conclusion the article summarizes a few of the things one gets to see when they visit the Grand Turk island.

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