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IDX and Real Estate Websites

Today, you have more opportunities when you get into the real estate business. Now you can make money online by creating a directory website and allowing people to search and advertise properties on your site.

You can do this by integrating IDX into your real estate website. With an integrated IDX, you can display MLS properties on your website and your visitors can search these listing for properties they are interested in.

If you are starting out on an online real estate business, then you need to know what MLS and IDX are.

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Services. IN an MLS, properties for sale are listed down and that database itself is managed by real estate professionals. In an MLS database, different regional databases are contained. It covers various areas from a single city or a county or a large national region. People who are looking for properties usually look at MLS listings as a resource. If you want to advertise the property you are selling, then an MLS listing is the best place to advertise it. If a real estate agent pays for membership, then he will have access to MLS. Uploading and downloading of data from MLS is possible if you are a members.

IDX is short for Internet Data Exchange. If your website integrates IDX, then you will be able to display MLS data to the public through your website. However there are some boards that only allow IDX for brokers and offices and not individual agents.

The benefits of using IDX for your real estate website are given below.

IF your real estate website is integrated with IDX listings, then you will have a greater advantage over your competitors. If you integrate IDX on your website, then you can have great valuable content with the inclusion of MLS listings which many real estate websites do not have.

Your site visitors will be allowed to search and find properties that they are interested in on their own. Your website will become useful and trustworthy with MLS listings. Your sales will surely increase and help you achieve your goals.

There are certain plugins that you can use for your IDX website. You can then embed live real estate listing into your website’s pages using the plugins’ shortcodes and widgets.

There are innovative IDX plugins that have unique features. You can install it separately from the theme, and it works with WordPress themes without conflict.

IDX plugins that are easy to set up and works fast can also be used. You can download and install it like any other WordPress plugin and if you want to activate its features, you only need to fill in a single field.

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