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Tips for spending less on flowers on your wedding day

For anyone who wants to have beautiful flower arrangements at their wedding without going beyond their budget can use the tips below which will help them remain within their budget. One of the ways to ensure that you do not spend more than you had planned to is to choose seasonal flowers that are readily available at the time you will be having your wedding. When you select flowers that are scarce in the market the florist will not easily get them, and they will have to spend more to acquire them from few sellers with them. When you hold a session with the florist for the consultation, you need to ask them to see only flowers that will be on season at the time you will have your wedding. You can also consider using flowers in more than one event since they will still be in good condition. The flowers can last up to fourteen days in excellent condition hence they can be re-used by another couple after the first function is over. When you give another couple to use your flowers you will recover some part of money you paid for the flower. You can also search online to see available bouquets from a first event which you can buy at a lower price which will help you save a lot on your wedding flowers.

You can introduce more greenery in your flower arrangements as this is more affordable than any other type of flower. You need to ask for different greenery options that you can select from to choose the best for decorating the venue. The flower arrangements that include many different types of flowers may be beautiful but also expensive. When looking for a budget-friendly option you need to limit the types of flowers that you choose. When the flower arrangements include fewer types of flowers the florist will buy large pieces of flowers that will translate to low cost. You may also ask the florist to bring the flowers from the church to reception . Having to use the same flowers for the both venues where the wedding will take place will reduce your budget on flowers. To avoid spending a lot of money on the flowers hire a florist who has their area of operation near where the event will take place. When you choose a florist in your neighborhood they will choose a local supplier which eliminates the high cost of transportation that could translate to the price of flowers.

Make the florist understand why they should stick to your flower budget when offering their services. Ask the florist to choose bigger blooms to make the arrangement look fuller. The venue that you select should be attractive enough for you to use a few flowers which means you will spend less.